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Women's Forum

The Guwahati College Women's Forum has been re-constituted on 16/02/2013.

New Office bearers of the forum are-

Adviser -

Dr. Pranab Sandilya
Principal, Guwahati College

President -

Smt. Pratima Sarma

Vice President -

Secretary -

Dr. Arati Banerjee

Assistant Secretary-

Dr. Debojani Taron Sarma


Mrs. Karabee Medhi

Mission and Vision

  1. Upliftment of women as a whole and girls students of our College in particular.
  2. Empowerment of women.
  3. To help weaker and poor section of the society specially women.
  4. Awareness campaign amongst the students of the society against gender biasness.

The forum decided to work on the following fields -

  1. To take steps to make women literate.
  2. To make themselves prepared for self-employment so that they can play a role in the society where they live and can give leadership where in the society in establishing right of women.
  3. To help distressed women caused due to violence and rehabilitating them.
  4. To make them conscious about their health and also their children overcoming the superstitions prevailing in the society.
  5. To create environmental awareness programme among>
  6. Organization of lectures on women's rights, women's health problems, political rights, child care guidance, adolescent psychology, gender sensitisation etc.
  7. Training programme will be conducted such as knitting, cutting, flower making, flower decoration, computer etc among the girl students of the College.

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