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Dept. of Assamese


The department of assamese, Guwahati College started MIL (Assamese) and (ASL) Assamese Second Language from the very beginning of the College i.e. 1964. It has started honours in Assamese from the academic year 1973-74. The University has permitted to continue the honours course (now Major) from 1977-78. With the establishment of Science stream (1984) and Commerce Stream (2008-2009) the department has been gaining more responsibilities.

Aims and objectives of the Department.

The aim and objective of the department is to guide the students to become enlightened members in the society. With this end in view we constantly endeavour to inculcate in their minds, through literary pieces such as poems, essays, stories, novels and dramas and social engagements such as seminar, symposium, excursions and picnics, the value of mobility, honesty, good behaviours, self/sacrifice and ideal citizenship. Development of manhood of the students is our main objective.

Departmental activities.

We arrange discussions and seminars of co-related topics of their studies, as well as give assignments and engage them in group discussions so as to improve their proficiency in different literary issues and also guide them to creative writings, encourage them in translation activities etc.

Students Achievements.

The students of this department have been able to qualify themselves in securing first class as well as good position in the university examinations. Many students of this department also involve themselves in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and bring glory by wining various competitions.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Ms. Pratima sarma Associate Professor and HOD 9859986549
Dr. Sonaram Hazarika Associate Professor 9864322699
Dr. Arup Kumar Nath Assistant Professor 9435243336
Mr. Pradyumna Pratim Rajkhowa Assistant Professor 9859354660
Dr. Smriti Rekha Bhuyan. Assistant Professor 9954317070
Dr. Dharani Lahon Assistant Professor 9864066548

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