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Dept. of English


English, being the only compulsory subject for the students of all the streams, was established as soon as the College was established in the year 1964. Alternative English was also introduced as many students working in the Army and other organisation did not know Assamese and opted for the English. Major classes were started in the mid eighties. At the moment efforts are on to set up a language laboratory at the department to facilitate English speaking among students.

Aims and objectives of the Department.

The primary aim and objective of the department to ensure that he students are trained properly so that they succeed in the examinations.

Beside this, the students are encouraged and helped to attain proficiency in the use of the English language in the different spheres and contexts. The communicative ability of the students is emphasized upon by taking classes and assessing them. The major students are given proper perspective to understand the relation between life and literature; and different branches of literature, various literary periods, historical background of the ages etc. are explained so that students can assess the different texts.

Departmental activities

  1. Academic discussion among teachers and major level students.
  2. Departmental outings
  3. Preparation of wall magazine by involving students
  4. Helping students to prepare academic papers and projects.
  5. Encouraging and helping students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Students Achievements.

Academic performance of the students is mediocre. Though they have not been able to come on top in University examinations, many ex-students are now working in Colleges, Schools and in other organisations.

Major level students of the department participate and excel in extracurricular and co-curricular activities like quiz, debate etc. and also in games and sports.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Ms. Chandana Saikia Associate Professor (HOD) 9864033388
Mr. Dibya Ranjan Sarma Khatoniar Associate Professor 9954157372
Dr. Uddipana Goswami Assistant Professor
Ms. Gunjana Dey Assistant Professor
Ms. Rajkumari Sujata Singha Assistant Professor 9859281405
Mr. Kaushik Hazarika Assistant Professor 9435184960

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