Guwahati College

গুৱাহাটী মহাবিদ্যালয়

Mission & Vision

The College has a VISION for the future to excell as an eminent educational and social institution where equal emphasis is provided to formal, non formal and vocational education, where teaching is not confined to the four walls of the classroom.

The College endeavors to promote in students an awareness and understanding of the social needs of our country and prepare them for fulfilling such needs in a meaningful way. With this purpose in view the College has identified some major academic programmes which are of relevance to national progress and development and plans to concentrate upon those programmes.

The College proposes to promote the study of principles like national integration, social justice, secularism, democratic way of life, Indian Culture and heritage and scientific approach to the problems of society.

The College insists on moral values like discipline, punctuality, regularity and politeness and expects every student and staff to uphold these ideals both within and outside the College campus. The College is marching forward to its objectives of producing not only academic excellence, but also sensible and honest intelligentsia of whom the society as well as the entire human race can be proud. With co-operation from all quarters such a goal is well within reach!


The mission of the College is to TEACH. The term here stands for:

  1. Transformation of the society through spread of knowledge.
  2. Education of the youth and development of personality.
  3. Acquisition of skills by learners.
  4. Creation of dedicated human resources.
  5. Help in nation building.

college Emblem

The College Emblem with its motto is highly suggestive of the institution's mission and vision. In appearance, the emblem resembles a lotus ( the national flower of India) in partial bloom. Not only does this highlight the nationalistic spirit that prevails in Guwahati College , but it also suggests opportunity for the flower to blossom. This image emphasizes the optimistic spirit that forms the basis of the mission of the College- the will to develop and improve further. The figure of the open book implies the propagation of education while the alternate dark and white lines suggest the College's endeavor to reach out to humanity in its entirety without any prejudice against caste, creed or Colour. The earthen lamp, illuminating the surroundings to remove any darkness of ignorance, forms the motto of spreading the light of knowledge. The small dots represent the multitude that is expected to be benefited by this propagation of knowledge.

" When the time of judgement comes,
we shall not be asked what we have read,
but what we have done."

Guwahati College

Bamunimaidan , Guwahati- 781021



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