"I visited the College suddenly without informing Principal. But I was pleasantly surprised that Principal is known to me whom I met at Sivasagar when he was teaching in a college. An energetic person. I hope he will bring a lot of changes to the college and improvement in all aspects will be seen within a short time. "
  N.M. Hussain, IAS(Retd.)
Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
"The College is in a very good place; the atmosphere is quite congenial and academically suitable for students to go ahead with their upliftment. Principal Dr.Pranab Sandilya is very meticulous in dealing all the aspects concerning college development. I am very pleased to interact with him and his colleagues. Under his guidance everybody is working unitedly and happily, where to work is a joy and not the burden.
I wish them all success."
  Dr. Kamal Singh
Former Vice-Chancellor
Amravati University, Maharashtra

"The environment and infrastructure of Guwahati College is very congenial and good. The college has the potential and resources for developing into a centre for training/ research/ teaching in the field of Life Sciences/ Biotechnology. The Principal and his team are very much capable of doing this; their mission and vision are excellent."
  Dr.N.Senthil Kumar
Dept. of Biotechnology
Mizoram University, Aizawl
"It was a wonderful experience to see so much of creative activity going on in the Guwahati College with so much zeal and involvement. The close involvement of the staff and dynamism of the Principal Dr.Pranab Sandilya was palpable and very very promising for the future, brilliant future of the College. Would like to come back again."
  Dr.Pawan Sharma
New Delhi
"Came to Guwahati College to deliver a lecture on the Foundation Day in the Golden Jubilee Year. I am grateful to the Principal Dr. Pranab Sandilya and his bright faculty and students for having invited me to interact with the students and the faculty. Very impressed with the arrangements and commitment of all concerned in ensuring quality of various activities being undertaken. I congratulate the Guwahati College family on the auspicious occasion and wish everybody the very best for the future."
  Shri Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, IPS
Additional Director General (Admn.)
"I am indeed very happy to be here in Guwahati College today. I wish that the College will soon become a 'Centre of Excellence'."
  Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma
Minister, Education (Elementary, Secondary & Higher) Health & Family Welfare and Implementation of Assam Accord, Govt. of Assam
"It is a great pleasure to be a part of the foundation day celebration and opening ceremony function of the College Gym. I also appreciate the enthusiasm shown by the Principal and professors of the College. I pray to God for popularity of the College."
  Mr.Munin Borah (Former Mr. INDIA)
"It was a privilege to visit and deliver a key-note address on "Employability of Graduates" on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Year of the College. The 50 years of services that the College have provided to the community is exemplary. I convey my good wishes to the faculty members of the College."
  Prof. Sudhanshu Bhushan
NUEPA, New Delhi

" Very happy to visit the College. We had very fruitfull discussion with the teachers for about four hours(3:00p.m-7:00p.m) and the teachers were present in the College beyond 7:00 p.m. This College has great future and would do well. My best wishes for the College."              

  Prof. D.K.Medhi, Vice Chancellor
Gauhati University
" The venture of unearthing talents from students community is praiseworthy. I bless the administrative authority to pursue such schemes in future also."
  Dr. Bhaben Ch. Kalita, Professor, Dept.of Mathematics
Gauhati University
" Education is the backbone of human civilization and culture. Guwahati College is one of the leading Colleges in North-East India and the dedication of the Principal and the teachers for all round development of the College is praiseworthy. We are proud of this College because the brilliant products(students) of the College excell in different fields all over the world. I wish this College great success in the field of higher education."
  Dr.Tarini Kr. Dutta, Professor, Dept.of Mathematics
Gauhati University
" Its my great pleasure to have this chance to visit this prestigious College of the historic of Guwahati. It has been an wonderful time we have in the College. I wish this College should grow to its desired height."
  Dr. J.C. Kalita, Professor, Dept.of Zoology & Director CDC
Gauhati University
" Pleased to visit Guwahati College, a College to play a greater role in allround upchanging in west part of Guwahati. I have seen a dynamic and talented Principal, Dr. Sandilya. College is waiting for lot from him. I wish every success."
  Dr. Nripen Deka, Professor, Dept.of Physics
Cotton College