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Dept. of Botany


>Botany, one of the pioneer department was first introduced in Higher Secondary Science course in 1984. Since 1987 Botany had been introduced in the Degree course. The major in botany was first started in the year 1996. The department has a seminar library with 372 books. The department has a well equipped microbiology laboratory.

Aims & Objectives

The chief mission of our department is to enrich the society with the knowledge of plant science. We try to inculcate the students both in theoretical and practical knowledge so that they become able to identify, utilize, and conserve plant diversity of our country specially of this region which is regarded as one of the 'Hot Spot' in biodiversity of the world.

Departmental Activities

All the faculty members are trying their best to inculcate knowledge in the minds of the studentsthrough the regular classes, field study in and outside the state to make them understand the facts about the plants in in-situ condition. They are also taken to local trips to some modern scientific laboratories to gather knowledge of use of sophisticated instruments.
The department organize popular talks, training programmes, lectures etc on plant science time to time such as

2002 Talk on 'biodiversity and human welfare' delivered by Dr. S.K.Borthakur of Gauhati University
2005 Two days training programme on 'Commercial Floriculture, Nursing establishment and marketing' in collaboration with Assam Horticultural Society.
2007 Lectures on 'Genetical diversity of rice and techniques for the development of high yielding varieties from the hybrids of indigenous gene pool of rice' and On 'Biodiversity of N.E. Region with special reference to remote areas of Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh'
2008 Lecture on ' Present scenario of viruses and virus like diseases of crop plants.'
2009 Lecture on ' Biodiversity of plants of N.E. India'
2010 Lecture on ' Micro organisms of extreme environment.'

The department has completed 19 numbers of project under the guidance of faculty for the major 3rd year students. The department is maintaining a Botanical Garden and Orchidarium within the College campus with labels of scientific names and families. The department also has a Bamboo and cane collection of various species with proper identification from N.E. India.

Students Achievements

The students of the Botany departments excels in the TDC final examinations . Last three years record is as follows-

2008 - 4 (four) first class out of which with 2 (two) with distinction
2009 - 1 (One) first class
2011 - 3 (three) first class with one Distinction.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Mrinal Das Associate Professor 9864074892

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Bamunimaidan , Guwahati- 781021



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