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Dept. of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was started in the year 1981. Initially it was started as one of the general subject. Major courses were started since 1994. There are four teachers in the department.

Aims & Objectives

1. To disseminate knowledge through teaching at undergraduate level in mathematics covering all the areas as per the syllabus of the Gauhati University.
2. To prepare the students to compete in various competitive examinations.
3. To make the students mathematics philic rather than mathematics phobic.
4. To popularize mathematics at all levels
5. To open self sustaining PG center

Departmental Activities

Organisation of popular talks, holding of seminars and group discussion are our regular activities. Equally extension of mathematics education at school level is our other activity.

Students Achievements

Students of our department excels in the University examination, even occupy top position. Ms. Gitika Dutta was the bet Graduate of Gauhati University, Our bright Alumni were Mr. Neelotpal Sarma, Mr. Jiten Bordoloi, Mr. Lokraj and many others. Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular events at both national and international levels. Mr. Jewel Rajbonshi and Bhrigu Ram Doley are our pride.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Mr. Ajoy Kr. Das Associate Professor (HOD) 9864044396
Mr. Hitendra Nath Sarma Associate Professor 9864752973
Mr. Monoj Kr. Sarma Assistant Professor 9864025453
Dr. Bandita Das Assistant Professor

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