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Dept. of Zoology


The department of zoology is imparting education to undergraduate students both in HS and TDC Courses of the Science stream. Presently the department has five well qualified teachers with five different specialisation. It is endeavor/ commitment of the department to impart holistic knowledge based on meaningful education to each and every student of the department. On entering the department one finds oneself a very congenial environment with outstanding infrastructure facilities like modernized classrooms, fitted with AC, sophisticated laboratory, Bio-Diversity Museum and departmental library cum reading room etc. The department is now facilitated with sophisticated teaching aids like LCD and over head Projectors. Display Charts and other teaching aids are also used for the purpose. The department has introduced Major Course from the year 2003.

The department introduced one short term course on Ornamental fishery and aquarium management. The major thrust areas of the department are:
a. Freshwater biology
b Ornamental fish and fishery
c. Grassland ecology.
d. Conservation of small mammals and butterflies of the region.
e. Natural pigment study.

Aims & Objectives

To establish a centre of excellence in the undergraduate study in zoology.
2. To give proper guidance and to the students in successful completion of the study.
3. To create an environment for pursuing research of a high quality which will address the need of the community.
4. To impart basic knowledge regarding the biological, biotechnological, and biochemical pro research activities.
5. To establish a complete database for the biodiversity of the N.E. Region.
6. To create an expert, good to provide consultancy service in areas like capture and culture fishery, ornamental fish farming, sericulture, butterfly gardening and Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA).

Departmental Activities

In addition to regular class, tutorials, seminars, popular talks etc the department has certain specific and special activities

1. The Department maintains a Bio-Diversity Museum. The museum is one of the richest museums of the N.E. Region. It has three leading sections namely Fishery Section, Butterfly Section and general Section. The Fishery section encompasses endemic and ornamental fishes of the region. The butterfly section displays the diversity of this beautiful insect in Assam.
2. The extension activities are performed through a Registered NGO namely 'Society for Zoology and Nature, Guwahati College' . The activities include publication of Magazine, organizing expedition and exploration of biodiversity and natural resources, science project competition, plantation, organization of seminars in the College and in remote areas, environmental awareness activities, recreational tours etc.
3. Ongoing MRP on diversity of Land Molluscs in and around greater Guwahati.
4. Publication of one Video Documentary on the activities of the Department. The department has completed 19 numbers of project under the guidance of faculty for the major 3rd year students.

The department is maintaining a Botanical Garden and Orchidarium within the College campus with labels of scientific names and families.
The department also has a Bamboo and cane collection of various species with proper identification from N.E. India.

Three Months Certificate Course in Ornamental Fishery and Aquarium Management.

Ornamental pisciculture is one of the most popular hobbies of today's modern life and has ample scope for using local and exotic wetland biodiversity products for human aesthetic interest Every year attractive and unusual fishes and other animals and plant materials both from fresh water and marine environment are being introduced into ornamental aquarium market and this practice has been emerged as one of the popular hobbies in recent times. The interior decoration with aquarium in almost all the modern houses and corporate buildings like hospitals, shopping mall, schools and colleges etc. has become an aristocratic outlook. This in turn creates the scope of employability with the study of ornamental fishery and aquarium management. Moreover North Eastern India has been considered as a global hotspot of freshwater fish biodiversity. Considering these positive outlets, a short term course for the study of "Ornamental fishery and aquarium management" has been prepared for the undergraduate as well as graduate students.

Objectives of the Course

1 To educate students about ornamental fishery and aquarium management.
2 To contribute to the germplasm conservation of local fish varieties.
3 To ceate an environment for the mental threshold and attract youths for self-employment through fish culture, trade/ marketing and orientation for entrepreneurship.
4 To study and record on regional aquatic ecosystem and come up with innovative ways for environment conservation.

Students Achievements

The students of the department excel in the University examinations. The last three years results are-

2009 - 7 (seven ) Students secured first Class out of which 3 (Three) got distinction
2010 - 3 (three) secured first Class with distinction
2011 - 3 (three) secured first Class with distinction.

In addition to the academic activities the students also participate in various co curricular and extracurricular activities in college, state and national levels with fair amount of success.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Sushil kumar Sarmah Associate Professor (HOD) 9864109687>
Dr. Girindra Kalita Associate Professor 9435403801
Mr. Dr. Arati Bairagee Associate Professor 9864067428
Dr. Dinesh Kakati Associate Professor 9864077035
Dr. Pinky Baruah Assistant Professor 9864077035

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