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Dept. of Chemistry


The Department was established in the year 1984 when Guwahati College initaiated science stream. The founder teacher is Sjt. Indra Das followed by Dr. Abdur Rahim, who joined the service in 1985 and served till 2007. Prof. P. Duttabaruah and Prof. Monidipa Baruah joined in 1988 followed by Prof. Pranab Goswami in 1990 and Amal Das in 2007. Major course was introduced in 2002-03 session onwards.

Aims and objectives of the Department.

The certain specific aims and objectives of the department are-
1. To make chemistry popular among students and masses
2. To make innovative steps for better understanding the subject.
3. To generalize the different aspects of the subject.
4. To evaluate students knowledge about the subject.
5. Initiation in innovative method of teaching using smart class concept.

Departmental activities

Seminar presentation from major students are conducted every week 2. Popular talks/ workshops are organised at least twice a year by inviting experts from outside to acquaint students regarding day to day use of science, specially the chemistry. 3. Educational tours are conducted for sport learning concept by visiting chemical industries/ pollution study through field trips/ refineries etc

Students Achievements

2008- Two first class with distinction

2010- Two first class with one distinction
Extra Curricular:

a) Students of Our department Ms. Himani Medhi, Chayanika Kalita and Himanta Biswa Deka won first prize and best Poster in Inter College Poster Competition as a part of the National Seminar ' Recent aspect of Chemistry education and research (RACER'2012)' organised by Department of Chemistry, Gauhati University.
b) Our department won third prize in Inter College Quiz Competition organised by department of Chemistry, Gauhati University.

a) Students of our department participated in the workshop on ' Basic analytical technique' comprising theory and practical session on different equipments.
b) Students of our department successfully completed the short term training course on 'Basic Biotechnology' at Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati.

Faculty Profile:

Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Pulakananda Dutta Baruah Associate Professor 9435010080
Mr. Pranab Goswami Associate Professor 9864095596
Mr. Amal Das Assistant Professor 9864155203

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