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The Department of Geography, Guwahati College is as old as the College itself. It was started in the year 1964 and has continued till now. At the beginning only higher secondary classes were taught and degree pass course was started a few years later, in 1978. In course of time Major course in Geography was started in 1984. Geography is offered for both the Arts and Science faculties at degree level.
The number of students in the Geography department, which was initially ten or twelve, has now risen to 285. Each year the demand of students seeking this subject at various levels is increasing. However, due to shortage of infrastructural facilities, the department faces trouble in satisfying the demands of the students.
The number of teachers is also increasing .The department, which was started by a single teacher in 1964, now contains six qualified teachers.
Aims and objectives of the Department.
The Geography Department bears the same mission as that of the Guwahati College. In terms of goal the department intends to produce best graduates so that they can go for higher education. Another important goal of the department is to increase the pass percentage so that it reaches 100 %. Besides it takes as its aims, to produce good and responsible citizens. It also aims to develop among the students, attitudes of tolerance, truthfulness, sincerity and integrity. Another aim of the department is to train the students to understand accurately the conditions of the great world stage and to act against the political and social problems in the world.
One important objective of teaching Geography is that it tries to acquaint the students with the basic knowledge of the subject. Since Geography is a practical subject its objective is to develop observational skills among the students so that they can understand the correlation of the subject and the society.
Departmental activities
Geography Department arranges Seminar and talk in each session. It is included as a part of the syllabus. Besides normal seminar and lectures , the department arranges for state level and national level seminars also. The department has published seminar papers off and on. It has also started publishing one departmental magazine from the year 2004.
Each year students are taken out during vacation for external works namely field study / report writing / social works/ educational programmes etc. Social service is carried in and within the College campus and also outside the campus. Sometimes students are taken to the rural areas and asked to conduct educational survey , socio-economic survey , agricultural survey, village survey etc.
The Geography Department of Guwahati College has arranged one day conferences of North East India Geographical Society in collaboration with the Geography Department of Gauhati University twice in the Guwahati College premises.
Some of the faculty member is associated with minor research project where other member of the department and senior students are also taking part. Some of them are completed where as some other projects are on the verge of initiation.
Evaluation is a part of teaching learning process. Various educational commissions has recommended about comprehensive and continuous evaluation. Geography Department , as a part of continuous evaluation undertakes regular unit test on every Saturday for the students of H.S. classes and monthly test for the students of B.A, B.Sc. classes. This is done by the department internally yearly, annual and test examinations for all the students of all the classes.
The department published wall magazine every year. There is a Govt. registered society namely 'the earth', which is run by the teachers and the students of the department . The society is also involve in different educational, socio-cultural and environmental awareness activities of society.
Students Achievements
Results of TDC Part III ( Final Exam) Department of Geography:
Few outstanding performances are as follows
2009 GENERAL 17 10 58.82
MAJOR 09 09 100
2010 GENERAL 26 19 73.07
MAJOR 10 09 90
2011 GENERAL 20 18 90
MAJOR 15 15 100
2009 1st Class 1st. Hemshikha Talukdar

1st Class 15th Akangsha Borgohain
1st class 34th Kunti Orang
2010 1st Class 8th Nikhil Roy
1st class 48th Mamoni Thakuria
2011 1st Class 1st Sharmin Akhter
1st Class 10th Pallabi Singha
1st Class 22nd Sangita Basumatary
1st Class 23rd Deepanjali Reang
1st Class 35th Gourima Gohain
1st Class 74th Sharmila Sadhukhan.
1st Class 78th Chameli Sinha.
1st Class 79th Poonam Kumari.

Faculty Profile:
Dr. Likhaneswar Ghotowar
M.Sc.B.Ed, Ph.D
Associate Professor 9864137023
Mr. Bimal Ch. Das
Associate Professor 9854271699
Mr.Dhrubajyoti Rajbangshi
Assistant Professor 9854039766
Dr. Safiqur Rahman
M.A, B.Ed, LL.B, PGDHRM, M.Phil, Ph.D
Assistant Professor 9864107338
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